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A Multiplatform Software For Efficient Management Of Field Workforce & Field Service Operations

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Employee GPS Tracking TaskCare

TaskCare at a glance

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With TaskCare manage your field services, customers and field staff easily and efficiently

Create & Assign Tasks - TaskCare

Create & Assign Tasks

Keep Your Customers Involved - TaskCare

Keep Customers involved

Monitor Lifecycle of Tasks- TaskCare

Monitor Task Lifecycle

Manage Field Employees - TaskCare

Manage Field Employees


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TaskCare provides range of industry specific feature to manage your Field Services

Task Management - TaskCare

Task Management

Create & assign task to field workforce, add digital signature on task completion, get customer feedback, acknowledge customer with SMS & Email Communication.

Attendance Management - TaskCare

Attendance Management

Field staff attendance with Selfie, Geo-Location & Timestamp. Check their presence and get attendance reports via Email or through app dashboard.

Field Service Employee GPS Tracking - TaskCare

Employee Tracking

Track your field staff through GPS. Monitor field staff working hours and the distance covered. Monitor and measure each employee's performance over the period of time.

Get Optimized Route To Travel - TaskCare

Route Optimization

Choose the optimal & most easiest route to the assigned task location. Save time & resources everyday with TaskCare's optimal route finder feature.

Collect Data with Custom Forms - TaskCare

Data collection

Create customized form for any type of data collection. Dynamic forms will allow you to create forms for multipurpose use. Gather data related survey, feedback, sales, customer information etc.

Request Management - TaskCare

Request Management

Verify and approve the leaves requested by field employees. Submit appropriate documents like bills and other requisite proofs along with the request.

Verify Documents - TaskCare

Document Verification

Field staff has an option to upload the scanned documentation against the customer. Also, verify the authenticity of the customer provided details like address, identity proof etc.

Advanced Reports & Analytics - TaskCare

Reports & Analytics

Reports and analytics will provide business insights to the manager and leadership team. This would help taking appropriate business decisions to improve upon efficiency and productivity.

API's to Integrate - TaskCare

API Integration

TaskCare APIs can be exposed to any third party system for integration. Also, TaskCare can consume any external APIs and customize the existing features.

Get Multiple Business Value

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Here’s How TaskCare will add value to your Business

Assign multiple tasks efficiently

Assigning tasks is now much more easier & simple. Assign tasks to field workforce in single or batch. No need for manual excel based task assignments. Save your precious time by working on dashboard. Go digital and increase efficiency.

Track Field staff in Real Time

Track your field staff accurately in real time with GeoLocation. View the path traveled and distance covered by your field workforce. Verify and approve claims easily. Improve punctuality, performance & grow overall productivity of field workforce.

Reduce Cost and Increase ROI

Optimal workforce utilization by assigning tasks as per the volume.Witness an increase in the productivity of task completion per day with our optimal route finder and real time task assignments. Also, save on fuel cost.

Less paperwork with digital solution

Speed up the service time by eliminating boring and voluminous paperwork.Gather field data and share the details in realtime.Go Digital! Manage your customers with digital solutions like Digital Signatures for customer approval.Cut your expenses and do good to the environment!

Get Notified with Real Time Alerts

Update your workforce in a single click. New tasks,changes in schedules, emergency service request etc with SMS, In-App Notification & Alerts.Build customer trust via job assignment updates and delivery status.

Reduce employee fraudulence

Get rid of false mileage and expense claims. Proof of work data, real time location tracking,real time notifications and distance covered will assist in verification.Track the real attendance status via selfie, GPS location and timestamp.

Reduce time taken for Invoicing

Eliminate errors and save on time by generating quick invoice.No need for the central office to generate invoice for the end customer.Send invoice copy to customer immediately via email or SMS (with an invoice link).

Analyze, Measure & Improve

Analyse advanced reports and arrive at business decisions.Set and measure KPI’s like average traveled time, traveled distance, completed tasks, Avg time taken to complete a task etc. Improve overall organizational performance and boost ROI.

Customer Service and feedback

Delight your customers by sharing timely service status update, route information and greetings.Collect feedback and convert unsatisfied customers to happy customers by Increasing transparency, faster service, engaging them and building trust.

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If you are into field services, we have a solution to manage your job efficiently

Home Service Industry - TaskCare

Home Services

Sales & Marketing - TaskCare


Logistics Industry - TaskCare


Beauty Service Industry - TaskCare

Beauty Services

Banking & Financial Industry - TaskCare

Financial Services

Tele communications Industry - TaskCare


Healthcare Industry - TaskCare


Construction Industry - TaskCare


TaskCare Mobile Application

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